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The AAB accreditation process is very simple and can be obtained in 10 days.


Five Areas of Inspection

1. Academic Quality and Integrity

2. Teaching Staff Qualification

3. Delivery of Programs

4. Student Services

5. Website Design and Performance

On-going compliance of accrediting organization requirement is essential, otherwise the accreditation status will be disqualified. Accredited institutions can use the AAB logo and AAB promotional materials for the duration of their accrediting agency.

Each report needs the Chief Executive Officer/President signature and has to arrive together with relevant documents, brochures, applications and any document useful for a better evaluation of each area. The evaluation Committee will indicate a Point Profile Score ranging from 0 to 20 for each report.

Average score

00 - 50    Fail

50 - 75    Provisional Accreditation

75 - 100  Full Accreditation

Timeframe and Branches

It takes around 7-10 working days to process if there is no delay for the payment. For more information, please feel free to contact us at for guidance. We keep our accreditation fee low in order to serve the sector of higher education the best, but please bear in mind that each accreditation certificate is only for one institution in a single location, therefore, extra nominal fee will be charged for each branch accreditation.

Accreditation Fees:

Accreditation for 1 year: 600USD. (includes shipping of certificates hard copy)

Accreditation for 2 years: 1000 USD. (includes shipping of certificates hard copy)

Accreditation for 3 years: 1300 USD. (includes shipping of certificates hard copy)

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