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Benefits of
AAB Accreditation

AAB Online accreditation enhances your university's profile internationally, ensuring that the educational programs offered meet globally recognized and accepted standards. After receiving AAB accreditation, your university will enjoy an increase in student enrollment and the awarded degrees will have better consideration by national and multinational leading organizations. When receiving accreditation, your university will get a full accreditation certificate and a seal that your university can use to promote official documents and marketing materials online, including on your website.

AAB will always keep you posted on relevant news about international university world so as to improve your educational practices and standards. You can make requests for general marketing and international student recruitment assistance.

AAB Online university accreditation internationally enhances your university's profile, ensuring global recognition and acceptance to any educational programs your university offers. AAB will work to maintain its international reputation so that every accredited institution can benefit from the accreditation prestige.

As a fully accredited university, you will get the Certificate of Accreditation AAB, the Performance Review Report Points Certificate and an Audit Report Certificate. These documents will prove that your educational programs meet global standards. Your Profile Score Points are quality evidence of your education and will allow you to enjoy a competitive advantage over other universities.

As a member you will receive the following benefits:

  • Prestigious The American Accreditation Board Accreditation and Membership.

  • AAB is a purely educational organisation dedicated to raise standards in professional skill Education.

  • Use of the AAB name and logo which will authenticate your position as a world leading Institute/Academy/school/centre/college.

  • Access to the prestigious The American Accreditation Board & INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION BOARD Diplomas and Certificates for your students.

  • Included CPD hours Accreditation as well.

  • International Titles for passout students like Diplomate, Masters, Doctorate, Board Certified Expert, Specialist, Master. 

  • INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION BOARD developed courses and syllabus.

  • Free listing and link on the The American Accreditation Board website.

  • Yearly Award Function on National and International Level. Access to networking events and educational documents.

  • Train the Trainer Program for Institute owners and faculty, Regular Educational updates from AAB Education Committee.

  • Workshop for students from our International faculty and members free of cost.

  • Chance to become board member.

  • International Exchange of professional knowledge and new developments in the industry.

  • Examinations by the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION BOARD Examiners.

  • Educational scholarships and Financial Consultancy for Students.

  • Financial Assistant and consultancy to spread branches and increase capacity of Academy/ Institute infrastructure.

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